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Space and Interaction at AMU

1) Upon arrival at Aix-en-Provence, due to the lack of the full preparatory communication, we had to stay at Concorde Hotel from March 30 until April 16, 2014. We then moved in an apartment located at 9 Rue Mejanes, second floor, a small but furnished apartment at the center of the old city of Aix-en-Provence. The location could not be better. Thus, we finally began to enjoy our life very much.

2) During the day, we frequently went to AMU to study in the office 103 of the Building of Law and Economics. We were provided with study desks and the access to other facilities such as library ID-Card, printer, coffee makers, and so on. When we went to AMU, we always had lunch at the nearby campus cafeteria. We shared the research space with many post-doc. and doctoral students. We had good conversation with Jean Sebastian Gharbi, Eric, Santiago, Thomas, and Ramsey. In Particular, Jean-Sebastian Gharbi helped us a great deal in solving some technical and administrative issues that we had faced.

3) In addition, knowing that Santiago Pinault was scheduled to go to Beijing by the end of May without any plan for local accommodation, Prof. Han helped him to work out a three-months-contract (from June to August, 2014) with cheap rent for the second bedroom of a large apartment that Prof. Han has owned in Beijing nearby Olympic Park. Santiago Pinault wrote us that he had safely arrived at Beijing and enjoyed nice surroundings of the apartment. We are happy to provide him with such arrangement.

4) We were glad to meet with not only economists but also sociologists teaching at AMU. For example, we met Prof. Ariel Mendez, Professor of Sociology and director of LEST (Institute of Labour Economics and Industrial Sociology, UMR 7317) and contacted Prof. Mario Correias, Professor of Sociology and director of IRT (Institute of Regional Labour).

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