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The Reception of Kant in Modern China Abstract

Hall of University Aix-Marseille, site Schuman (from left to right: Liu Lun, Gilles Campagnolo, Bai Guimei, Jean-Sébastien Gharbi)

Site J. Ferry, 14 av. Jules Ferry, Aix en Provence
Meeting’s room / "Salle de Réunion", 2d floor at 4:30 pm
Speaker: Xu Bo (Peking University (School of Government))

Meeting’s room, speaker: M. Xu Bo

The Reception of Kant in Modern China Abstract:

The present examination of the Chinese reception of Kant should be considered as a part of an effort in understanding the nature of China’s modernization from the perspective of the history of thought.
After giving a historical account organized by four stages (the early reception 1900s-1930s, the New-Confucian reception 1940s and afterwards in Taiwan, the Marxist reception 1950s-1970s, and the liberal reception 1980s onwards), I will try to draw some reflections on what accounts for the spontaneity that China has exhibited in her reception of Kantian, and Western thought in general.

M. Xu Bo and Director Nicolas Gravel (AMU/GREQAM)

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